Tolo Legal Consultancy Services company is a Law Firm which has licence from ministry of commerce and industries of Afghanistan and registered into USA embassy and German embassy in Kabul, established to provide manifold and utmost high-quality legal services to its clients.

Our experts have decades of professional experience in both private and government sectors, while having worked in many political and social conditions. The full-fledged lawyers of Tolo Legal Services are well acquainted and have the know-how for dealing with any legal issue through competent, interdisciplinary and process-oriented service.  
An accumulation of the commitment to highest standards, the existence of a strong network, continuous adjustment to the current legal situation and additional qualifications in business and economics, complemented with the right sense to understand the specifics of each individual case, make Tolo Legal Services one of the top legal service providers of the country.
Our expertise satisfies national, regional and global expectations for top-level advocacy, consultancy and capacity trainings; providing services in Dari, Pashto, and English.
You will find Tolo Legal Services unique and different in providing innovative and diverse methods of legal services. Lawyers with strong professional background and expertise result in maximum efforts while ensuring minimum client involvement as our client’s time is precious to us. The client’s success, comfort and maximum satisfaction are our ultimate goal.
Tolo Legal Services adheres to the confidentiality principle through strict, complete and permanent observation.

our approach

  • You Inform and We Listen

    We actively listen to understand your situation. We want to know what’s important to you,Read More

    • Supporting Laws and Developing Your Defense

      Our experienced experts use all the legal information and laws at their disposal.Read More

    • We Predict the Possible Outcomes

      We help you to understand the realistic outcomes of the problem you’re facing throughout your case. Read More

    • We Get to Work Representing You

      When both parties have agreed, we assign you a defense lawyer and will discuss the fee.

    • We End Your Problem

      Once we actively begin taking on your case, you can get back to your normal routine.Read More


Tolo Legal Services provides pro bono services in order to help and support people who have legal problems and cannot afford the fee. From establishment of this legal firm till yet, it provides more than thousand legal councils in presence or via emails and phone calls. It is our social and moral responsibility to support society and contribute to its improvement, thus legal pro bono work is part of our main services. Most of our legal assistance, in pro bono cases, has been done for women with family issues and in violence cases. Moreover, we have provided free legal advice in commercial, criminal, civil and procurement laws as well as surety letters to all those afghans who are in need