Founder and Managing Partner:
Ahmad Fardin Howaida

Mission statement:

We are committed to bring back the trust of people into the Afghan legal system through offering full legal service in a wide range of disciplines, through Consultation, Mediation, Court procedure and legal trainings for governmental as well as non-governmental institutions. Tolo Legal Services actively contributes to the law and justice process of Afghanistan. Finally, our mission is to help rebuilding and maintaining the rule of law in Afghanistan, which is effected due to decades of war.

    Areas of Practice:
  • Criminal Section  Private Section
  • Public Section
  • Legal Education & Training

Criminal Section:
•    Criminal Law
•    Criminal Procedure Code
•    Law on the Supervision on Implementation of Anti-Corruption
•    Law against Intoxicating Drinks and Drugs as well as controlling them
•    Law on the Elimination of Violence against Woman
•    Law on Crimes Against National and Foreign Security
•    Anti-Money Laundering Law
•    Juvenile Code
•    Prisons and Detention Centers Law
•    Law on Extradition of Accused and Convicted


Private Section:
•    Includes: Business Law, Business Registration and Formation, Business Transactions, Mergers and Acquisition, Corporate Contracts and Hiring Practices
•    Civil Code
•    Commercial Code
•    Commercial Procedure Code
•    Trademark Law
•    Bankruptcy Law
•    Civil Procedure Code
•    Law on the Acquisition Rights
•    Private Sector Investment Law
•    Law on Commercial Contracts and Selling Property
•    Banking Law
•    Family Law


Public Section:

•    Public Finance and Expenditure Management Law
•    Income Tax Law
•    Procurement Law
•    Labor Law
•    Mass Media Law
•    Law on Regulation Telecommunication Services
•    Mineral Law
•    Regulation of Mineral Processing
•    Obtaining Surety and National ID (Tazkira) in Absence. 
      Legal Education & Training:
•    Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
•    Law on the Organization and Jurisdiction of the Attorney General
•    Law on the Organization and Jurisdiction of the Courts
•    Criminal Law
•    Criminal Procedure Code
•    Law on the Elimination of Violence againt woman
•    Juvenile Code
•    Government Employees Law
•    Law on the Acquisition Rights
•    Private Sector Investment Law
•    Income Tax Law
•    Procurement Law
•    Labor Law


•    Red Star Enterprises
•    ConTrack International Inc.
•    Mubarak Mumtaz Logistic & Trading Co.Ltd 
•    Abad Rahan Pars Construction Company
•    Azimi General Trading
•    Olive Group  
•    Dari
•    Pashto
•    English

Our vision is facilitating the client’s accessibility to the Afghan legal system through provision of high standard legal services and empowering every citizen with legal knowledge in order to achieve their rights and justice.  Our ultimate vision is to establish ourselves as one of the leading national and international law firm.

Office Location:
Qala-e-Fatullah, 2nd Street Front of Noor Plaza
Kabul, Afghanistan