Tolo Legal Services mission is to provide high quality legal services with professionalism and respect for our clients. We take a genuine interest in our clients, we understand their problems and expectations, and dedicate maximum efforts to help them achieve their objectives. We are working hard to achieve practical and effective solutions for the success of our clients. We strictly adhere to the values of excellence, supportiveness and respect that will make our clients trust us.  The strong trust of our clients will bring back the hope of relying on the Afghan legal system. We are committed to bringing back the trust of the people through offering full legal services in a wide range of disciplines. By means of consultation, mediation, court procedure and legal trainings for governmental and non-governmental institutions.

Tolo is the Dari translation of sunrise and manifests our strong dedication to let hope, light and transparency rule the relations between people in Afghanistan and beyond by finding truth and justice. We do not only understand your problem; we make it ours.