Mr. Najibullah Qurayshi

Mr. Najibullah Qurayshi is a defense lawyer at Tolo Legal Services with professional experience in the Afghan government, the Judiciary and the Public Prosecution.
Mr. Qurayshi has served inter alia as a professional member and legislator in the General Presidency of Legislature of the Ministry of Justice, as a judge in different provinces of Afghanistan and as a Prosecutor at the Attorney General Office in Kabul. Since 2011 Mr. Qurayshi is working successfully as a defense attorney in Kabul, defending a range of cases in all fields of law, especially Business law, Criminal law and Family law.

He has completed his Bachelor in Law and Political Science at Kabul University.  He continuously enhances his proficient skills in the legal field by attending different National and International seminars, conferences and trainings.

Mr. Quraishi brings along a broad variety of practical knowledge from different governmental institutions and complements it with due diligence in investigation and mastery in litigation. This allows him to bring the case successfully to justice and advocate for the rights of his clients to the best of his ability.