Ahmad Fardin Howaida

As the Founder and Managing Partner of Tolo Legal Services Mr. Howaida studied Law and Political Sciences at the Kabul University and holds a master’s degree in International Law from Tajikistan National University.

Mr. Howaida combines over 15 years of expertise in high-profile law cases and complex management. These qualifications in addition to his ability to understand his clients' specific needs make him one of the leading lawyers of Afghanistan.

Mr. Howaida has been working in and leading various departments of the Attorney General Office in Kabul since 1997, inter alia the Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU), Crimes Investigation Department (CID), Counter-Narcotics Appellate Prosecution Department, Inspection Department, Study and Research Department, Supreme Court Public Security Prosecution Department, Kabul City Prosecution Office and the Prosecution Department for Prevention of Violence against Woman. He was a well-known and respected public prosecutor as he was successfully and conscientiously handling high-profile criminal cases especially White Collar Crimes and Corruption during his career.

Mr. Howaida's skills comprise professional experience in litigation, mediation, research, training and consultancy. He has worked as a lecturer with international leading organizations in the rule of law field and has trained prosecutors in various fields of law such as the Law on the Organization and Jurisdiction of the Attorney General, the Law on the Organization and Jurisdiction of the Courts, Criminal Law and Government Employees Law.

Mr. Howaida's broad understanding of different legal systems stems from his diverse operations in the United States, Central and South Asia. He has been educated and trained in National and International universities, seminars and conferences. He has also worked with governmental institutions as well as NGOs. He is well versed with the common law system as well as the pluri-legal system of Afghanistan and keeps himself continuously up-to-date with the current legal as well as political situation through research and training.
Through his long-time involvement in the government sector and the private sector, he professionalized the capability of understanding both sides and bringing them closer.