Gas Development Master Plan

Afghanistan is working on a 20-year long gas development master plan in order to enhance the gas sector in Afghanistan. With initial funding of $1.7 million USD to prepare the master plan, Afghanistan plans to make use of its natural gas resource to help the country prosper during these economically challenging times. The Afghan government welcomes the new gas development master plan in hopes that it shall pave the way for future investment in Afghanistan. The draft for the master plan has been submitted to the Economic High Council and awaits approval. Tolo Legal Services is proud to announce the establishment of the gas development master plan in Afghanistan, with high hopes for its approval as it will expand investment into the country and support economic growth. Tolo Legal Services established in 2012 is one of the leading law firms in Kabul, Afghanistan. What makes Tolo Legal Services successful is a team of professional lawyers who have three decades of experience working in government. Tolo legal Services have represented national and international companies in the Afghan courts and have won most of the cases which makes the success rate of over ninety percent. Tolo Legal Services is keen to announce it is willing to work with any company that is interested to work in Afghanistan’s gas sector and to represent them.